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    12 ธันวาคม 2018
    Enjoy our top stories from 2018, which included Buddhist teachings to avoid numbness in the wake of a tragedy, an exploration of the deep spiritual questions in a popular Netflix documentary about a controversial cult leader, and advice on finding happiness from a death and dying educator.

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    • The Human Deity by Kurt Spellmeyer
      Seeing the Buddha as both human and divine opens us to our own limitless nature.
    • Are You Looking to Buddhism When You Should Be Looking to Therapy? by C. W. Huntington, Jr.
      Though Buddhism and psychotherapy often seem to pair nicely together, they have completely different end games.
    • Buddha and Bullets by Roshi Joan Halifax
      How to avoid numbness and empathy in the wake of a(nother) school shooting.
    • What Wild Wild Country Missed by Curtis White
      This top Netflix documentary of 2018 needed more culture war analysis, less true crime.
    • What Mindfulness Is Not, a conversation with Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, Akincano M. Weber, and John Peacock
      Contrary to popular culture, there is no shortcut or hack when it comes to our happiness.
    • Travel Guide to the End of Life, an interview with Sallie Tisdale
      The death and dying educator explains how we can meet death as wholly as one aims to meet life.
    • Brown Body, White Sangha by Atia Sattar
      Painful emotions on race and heritage can fall on deaf ears in a predominately white sangha.
    • Tilopa’s Six Nails by Repa Dorje Odzer (Justin von Bujdoss)
      A 10th-century Indian master’s simple and powerful meditation advice.
    • How Samaya Works by Ken McLeod
      Do you really have to do whatever your teacher says?
    • Sick and Useless Zen by Julie Nelson
      How a foggy brain and chronic fatigue showed one practitioner a new kind of full and vital life.

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